Let me introduce some structure into what will otherwise crumble into rambling wine-soaked chaos. As much fun as that could be, it is not entirely appropriate for permanent online existence.

What the Fog is designed to explore wine and the kaleidoscope of information about it. To that end, please stand for the introduction of:

(Insert drum roll here)

What the Who

What the What

What the Where

What the When

What the How

What the Why

That’s right, organization. Gather yourself, it’s going to be okay.

Who posts will take a look at a person in wine. From the vague, such as “winemaker” to the very specific, like Catherine Seda Bugue, co-owner of the Napa Valley Wine Academy. We’ll also play with historical figures like Pliny the Elder (not just a funny named beer, actual person) and contemporary figures such as Jancis Robinson.

What examine the technical definition based stuff, like specific grapes (what in the world is Carmenere?) and technical terms (because Malolactic Fermentation isn’t all that intuitive). Pretty much anything that falls under the “what is that” umbrella.

Where explore wine regions. From juggernauts like Bordeaux to blips on the map like Cole Valley (it’s in California).  Incidentally, this section ties neatly into the What portion of life, since the interlinking articles will clear up any questions you might have.

See? Not so bad.

When posts will regurgitate historical or contemporary events from other sources (journals, newspapers, all that stuff). As the What and the Where change, the changes will be noted and linked to the When.

How does fermentation take place? How do flavors of green pepper happen in Cabernet Sauvignon? These articles are technical and will give you the upper hand with most wine professionals.

Why? Why indeed. This is the naughty little sibling of this page. Why will seek to explore philosophical questions about wine, fermented beverages, life in general. Why is the fun bit.

Now, while the backFOG of things to write may be never ending, that is sort of the point. So, send some cloud mail my way if you have a question, a suggestion, or enjoy snappy rapport.

*the fog retreats for a sip of Barbaresco*



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